You’re in the Right Place

I’m Coach Jamie Dreyer, and if you’ve ever wondered:

Why do my shoulders hurt when I lift?”
How can I lift without hurting my back?”
Is it possible to be stronger at 50 than I was at 20?”
How do I fix my elbow tendonitis without shots?”
What can I do about the aches and pains that screw up my workout, besides pain killers and rest?”
​”Where can I find a coach to give me practical training advice for beating the pants off my younger friends?”

You’re in the right place!

Here’s How Overhaul TRAINING Will Help You Stay In The Game Longer

There’s a gap between what science says and what people do. I’m here to bridge that gap. Here’s the deal.

Common knowledge is kinda like reality TV, it’s not a great representation of the truth.

If you want the truth, there are two great sources. The first is clinical research that backs up theories with cold, hard science baby. But how do you wade through the mountains of information out there without it feeling like a full-time job?

The second great source is consulting with coaches, doctors and therapists who test theories everyday with their clients and patients to develop time tested principles that get proven results. But this can cost you years and tens of thousands of dollars.

Don’t you worry, ’cause I love wading through mountains of clinical research. And I’ve already spent two decades and many tens of thousands of dollars consulting with some of the worlds greatest coaches, doctors and therapists. And I’ll continue for decades to come.

Instead of digging through hundreds of books, thousands of academic research papers, and wasting time on Reality TV style “experts”…

​…subscribe to (it’s free), and you’ll get PROVEN tactics and strategies from leading coaches, doctors, therapists, world-renowned academic researchers, and of course, me, Jamie Dreyer.

And the best part? I’ll cut through the fluff, showing you exactly what works and how you can start doing it for yourself immediately.

All because I have a knack for breaking down clinical research, medical case studies, and everyday human biomechanics into PRACTICAL TIPS that you can start benefiting from TODAY.