How to Heal Bicep Tendonitis

I’ve received a lot of questions about what to do for bicep tendonitis recently, specifically the distal bicep tendon. That’s the one at the elbow, as opposed to the one at your shoulder.

You can get this injury from lifting, wrestling, gymnastics, and probably 101 other creative ways. I am lucky to say that this is one of the few injuries I made a video about that I’ve never personally had. But lucky for you, many other people in this world have had tendon injuries and much clinical research has been done to discover the best way to heal them.

The research is very conclusive. Numerous studies performed over the past 30 years show that one type of exercise wins hands down, as the undisputed tendon healer of the world.

Find out what it is here. 

Get the bicep tendonitis exercises program here.

What about tricep tendonitis, you say? Yup. I’ve covered that one for you too.


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