Cervical Radiculopathy Exercises Fix Your Pinched Nerve

Radiculopathy can be brought on by repetitive stress (driving or computer use) or acute injury (car accident).

My advice in this video is for a friend who believes his injury was brought on by repetitive movements and sleeping posture. Therefore my cervical radiculopathy exercises focus on countering movement and posture imbalances.

If his injury was from an acute trauma; such as a car accident, my advice would be very different: SEE A DOCTOR.

If you try and exercise your way through a pinched nerve from a traumatic injury you can make things much worse.

And, if your injury is from repetitive stress, you still need to pay attention to whether or not an exercise feels better or worse.

It’s your body. You’re the final judge on whether or not an approach feels right or not. Listen to your body.