Do You Have Chronic Low Back Pain? Exercises for low back pain

If I had to guess the #1 reason why so many people have screwy backs these days, I’d say it’s because they don’t use their hips and knees enough and rely on their backs too much.

The way we move has been so altered over the past century from sitting on comfy chairs, pooping in high toilets and traveling in planes, trains and automobiles, that many of us have trouble differentiating our hips from our waist when we move.

Over the past 18+ years I’ve seen lots of clients with screwy backs.  Every single one of them has benefited from learning and practicing​ how to move from their butt more and their back less, which is what I’m going to show you today.

Actually, let me clarify that our goal isn’t simply to move from your back less.  The goal is to actively stabilize the back,  resisting movement as you use your legs.  Get the difference?  It sounds subtle but the effect can be profound.  Especially when you start picking up boxes, grandkids, groceries…whatever.

I’ll explain further in the video.

If you’re feeling stiff and achy in your lower back, these exercises may help you feel a bit better in a few days by strengthening muscles in your core and retraining your hips to move better.  But it is consistent practice over the course of weeks or months that’ll get you to the point where you move better regularly without thinking about it.  That’s key.

Here’s Your Homework:

Download the 5 day “Strong Butt, Stable Back” program right now and print it out.  Then, take 10 minutes a day for the next 5 days to see if your back feels any better.


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