Tired of feeling tired?

Sick of feeling shitty?

Fed up with stupid little injuries that throw off your efforts at exercise?

You’ve only got so many years on this earth, don’t you want to spend them feeling great?!

Of course you do, that’s a silly question, right?

Time to get serious about feeling seriously great! 

Do you already have an exercise routine but find it getting thrown off by the same old injuries coming around and around?

I can help you identify the weak spots in your training…the pieces of the puzzle you’re missing to 10x your results and leave your old injuries behind.

Perhaps you’ve never strength trained before. But now you’re in your 50’s or 60’s…strength is disappearing, new aches and pains arrive each week and tying your shoe laces is a chore. Where do you start? How do you not hurt yourself…again?

My friend, you have been the bread and butter of my career for decades. Helping people like you is what I do everyday.

And with the modern world being what it is, I can help you anywhere with an internet connection and a camera.

If you live in the Hudson Valley I can even train you the old fashioned way, in-person. My one-on-one personal training gym is located right in New Paltz.

Start by completing a pre-qualification questionnaire and if you’re a good fit for the program we’ll schedule a complimentary strategy session to delve deeper.

What’s in this Complimentary Strategy Session, you ask?

  • We start by delving into your goals and why they’re important to you.
  • Explore your full injury history. I mean, I want to hear all of it. 
  • Are you seeing any doctors or therapists I should speak with before starting?
  • If in-person, weight, circumference and body fat percentage.
  • Then we go into the fun stuff, your movement assessment. This is the good shit! We get to see what you do well and what you don’t do so well. We’re looking for the weak spots that lead to compensation patterns and injury.

And the best part for you, there’s no charge! You get to see what pops up in the assessment, we’ll discuss my recommendations and go from there. I’m a no-pressure kinda guy. 

I should add though that I only work one-on-one with 8 clients at a time. If I’m at capacity when you apply, your name will go on the waiting list and I’ll contact you when a space opens up.