Why You Should Deadlift if You’ve had a Herniated Disc

I’ve got some physical therapist and chiropractor friends who probably think my idea of having someone deadlift with a disc herniation is crazy.

And I can understand the apprehension. But please, hear me out…

I’m not suggesting you do it right away when you’re all drugged up on pain meds and dreading the idea of using the toilet by yourself.

You need to get through the acute pain phase first.

But if you don’t want to repeat this agonizing injury again and again, then you have some work to do, so listen up!

Deadlift to Prevent a Herniated Disc

You can Download 4 Steps to a Safer Deadlift to access the same system I’ve used to help hundreds of clients learn to deadlift safely.

Car accidents aside, most people injure their lower back because they never learned proper technique for picking things up off the ground safely.

My doctor friends are right in urging people with a history of back injuries not to head to the gym and deadlift on their own for exercise.

If you don’t know how to hip hinge properly then you end up doing back bends instead. Bad idea!

But if you have someone to teach you how to hip hinge safely, then you are learning how to move properly.

That’s injury prevention training right there. Good idea! Actually, great idea!

How do you approach your gym time? Are your only goals to sweat and be less jiggly? Because with some advanced planning and the right coach, you can accomplish that and so much more with the same amount of time and effort.

Would you like to learn how to deadlift safely?

Do you want to do something about keeping your back injury free?

Then check out the Hip Hinge Toolkit.