Elbow Cracking The Causes & What You Can Do About It

I got an e-mail this week from fellow Overhauler Samuel Brooks. He was doing some elbow tendonitis exercises with the Flexbar and one of the movements caused a loud elbow cracking sound.

Samuel is an architect and spends a lot of time doing the same repetitive motions using the CAD program on his computer. Great set-up for a repetitive stress injury. He also tweaked it at the gym once too.

After asking for my opinion about whether or not this was normal and should he be concerned, I decided to make this little video. In it I discuss why elbows crack and what you can do for it.

Releasing tight tissues and strengthening weak ones is the trick to every repetitive stress injury. I use the tools in this video for lots of self-care tricks. If you’d like to get them for yourself Amazon is a good place to look. Here is where you can find the Stick, Flexbar, Massage Star and Indian Clubs.

There is another cause for elbow cracking. Your elbow is a synovial joint, so it can crack the same as your knuckles. When you apply enough pressure it deforms the joint capsule, creating a vacuum, and a pocket of nitrogen gas forms by being pulled from the surrounding tissues. It takes about 20 minutes for the gas to be reabsorbed, which is why you can just keep cracking the joint over and over.

There is no pain or damage associated with this type of cracking so crack away boys and girls.




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