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  • Jamie,
    I’ve watched your YouTube video ‘Fix Tennis Elbow Fast’. Seems like just what I need to heal BOTH of my elbows from tendonitis. Thanks for making the video.

    I believe I initially hurt (or at least weakend) both elbows by arm wrestling with my burly nephews. There was lots of fun involved, but much straining. Seriously, don’t think my elbows have been the same since. I also play a fair amount of tennis (hard). Of course, that is only my right arm.

    All that to say this. Few months ago I made a commitment to increase my bench press weight. I was lifting (every other day) heavy weight (240/250 lbs…that’s heavy for me as I weigh 170 lbs.). I really liked seeing my weight increase, until BOTH (not just my right arm) my elbows began to hurt so much, that I had to stop. They didn’t necessarily hurt while I was bench pressing, but MAN are they sore.

    Do you think the tendonitis came about from benching that heavy weight? Could that have caused it? It doesn’t seem like a movement that would, but then again, what do I know about tendonitis…very little.

    Any insight would be helpful.


  • I don’t really see how benching would cause elbow tendonitis, but if you are benching every other day and not doing the same amount or more horizontal pulling, it could pull your shoulder girdle out of balance and cause some referred pain to the lateral epicondyle of the elbow and even nerve entrapment. I discuss some of this here:

    The arm wrestling would likely cause tendonitis of the medial epicondyle. Try this test to see if it’s what you have it:

    Let me know how you do.


  • Hi James,
    I am suffering from tennis elbow injury for last 15 Months. I tried physiotherapy which helped initially but after I lifted a heavy bag, things kept on going worse. Now It keeps on paining even if I am not doing any activity. Holding a coffee mug, shaking hands everything which involves bending and movement cause pain. Do you think that steps mentioned in your video will help me cure severe tennis elbow problem i have. ? Please reply .

  • Sorry to hear that. 15 months is a long time.

    I do think these steps will help, that’s why I put this together. Do you try the Flexbar with your Physio?

  • Jamie,
    Is it true that working at a desk can cause tennis elbow? I work at a keyboard and mouse for 8+ hours a day. I have read some articles that say it is possible. From your “Self-Test” video, I definitely have tennis elbow.


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