Ganglion Cyst in Your Wrist? Try This Self-Fix

Seven years ago, I took my first and only cruise.  It was not all I hoped it would be, but that’s another story.

Anyway, on the third morning I woke up with a painful bump on my left wrist, which another passenger informed me was a ganglion cyst.

“Awesome, a cyst!”  No, not really.  It was more like, “What the hell is this from and what do I do about it?”

​The same gentleman suggested smashing it with a large book but I decided to pass on that brilliant idea and explore other options.

Over the next few years, the cyst would come and go, allowing me to see a pattern.

I checked what the medical community had to say on the subject and, although I didn’t care for their surgical treatments, I did glean some insight into what the cyst actually was.

Now that I knew what it was and had some ideas about what was causing it, I then put together a theory about what I could do about it.

And for the past two years, that theory has worked very well for me…no more ganglion cyst.

​Here’s how to test it for yourself:

Ganglion cyst wrist

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Imagine wearing a full body suit made of snug lycra.  After a full day of walking, working, getting in and out of the car, carrying bags, the body suit gets bunched up in spots and stretched in others.  This is what happens to your fascia.  Except your fascia can also have the water smushed out of it in areas that get pressed a lot. When the water is removed, it becomes glue-like and stuck. You can find a Rolfer here.
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