Golfers Elbow Treatment The best exercises for golfers elbow

A couple years ago, I got Golfers Elbow (A.K.A. medial epicondylitis) in both forearms after having taken a few years off from heavy lifting and then getting back to it with new found inspiration.

The two main offending exercises for me were weighted pull-ups and heavy deadlifts.  But there’s a number of activities that can cause this injury, I’ve even heard golf can do it.

(Check out my ultimate resource for golfer’s and tennis elbow, The Elbow Tendonitis Toolkit.)

I tried stretching but that only felt better for a minute or two.  Massage and/or acupuncture both helped it feel better longer but as soon as I began doing pull-ups or lifting something heavy, it hurt all over again.

Then a client of mine, who was also a physical therapist, introduced me to the Reverse Tyler Twist with the Flexbar, and that changed everything.  The pain went away and never came back!​

Golfers Elbow Treatment

If you have golfers elbow on the left arm, you can check out my brief video showing the golfers elbow exercise on the left arm.

Not 100% certain what type of elbow tendonitis you have? Try the golfers elbow test or the tennis elbow test now.

Here’s Your Homework For Today:

If you’re suffering with elbow tendonitis, download the free exercise guide right now so you don’t forget how to do this exercise properly.

Next, take 2 minutes to order the Flexbar.

Then, call your doctor or physical therapist’s office to get an evaluation.  Chances are, by the time you go to your appointment  the Flexbar will have already arrived and  you’ll have used it a few times.

If your tendonitis is feeling better, you’ll impress your PT with your proactive approach and they can help speed the healing process along.

​If you’re not feeling better, than it’s a good thing you made that appointment, huh?!




  • Just watched the golfer’s elbow video. So do you not do any stretching at all. Also, do you ice after the workout and how many times pet day, per week? Thanks for your time

  • Great questions. I have since revised my position on stretching. I recommend releasing the trigger points and following that with stretches to regain muscle length. No ice ever, it slows the healing process by reducing inflammation. 2 sets of 15 reps everyday for 2-6 weeks, depending on how quickly you heal.


  • I have watched and have been doing the tennis elbow exercises from your last video and have had some success. My job requires allot of light but repetitive movement and i use the braces which is making my arms sore in other places like fore arms and i get golfers elbow pain. My question for both videos is should i work with the red bar for 6 weeks then move to the green and so on and can i do both tennis and golfers elbow to condition my arm at the same time. Thank you in advance!

  • I recommend wearing the brace as little as possible, it slows down the healing process. Yes, you can do both exercises at the same time. Use the red until it no longer makes you sore and then move to the green.


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