Introducing The Hip Hinge Toolkit

“Lift with your legs, not your back.”

We’ve all heard that many times before and for good reason…because you don’t want to hurt your back!

But what happens when you’re not thinking about it? What about when you’re just focusing on getting your work, chores or exercise done?

Does anyone really go through life constantly thinking about how much they’re bending their back as opposed to hinging at the hips?

How come some people have to worry about hurting their back when lifting things while others seem to have injury proof backs made of steel?

The difference is, they know how to hip hinge properly.

The hip hinge is a fundamental movement pattern. When you learn how to do it properly you rely on one of the strongest, most powerful joints in the body for lifting and producing power. You also save your back from a TON of wear and tear!

You may have back problems because you never learned how to hip hinge.

And on top of that, your body may be too tight in some spots to allow you the flexibility to hip hinge properly.

That’s why I created The Hip Hinge Toolkit. It helps you:

  • Identify flexibility issues
  • Develop a customized corrective plan
  • Strengthen your hips
  • Stabilize your back

Once you’ve removed the movement limitations it’s all about developing a strong and stable hip hinge. Don’t think of it just as exercise…think of it as training!

You’re re-training your body to move better. When you start, it will take your total attention and focus. But with practice, it will become more and more natural.

Eventually, you won’t have to be reminded to “lift with your legs, not your back”. It will simply be how you move without thinking about it.

I was diagnosed with scoliosis as a young kid and had problems with my back going out. I remember many times as a teenager, washing my face over the sink in the morning and suddenly collapsing from back pain.

Fortunately, I started lifting weights in my mid teens and quickly realized that having a strong back meant having less pain. I also learned that I had to be careful because certain exercises could cause pain when done improperly.

Since then I’ve spent nearly 2 decades learning and helping clients move better with less pain so they can enjoy the sports and activities they love the most.

What You Get…

checklist copy

3 Self-Assessments to Identify Underlying Limitations

  • Ankle Range of Motion
  • Hip Range of Motion
  • Hip/Trunk Stability



A Fully Customizable and Downloadable Corrective Strategy and Training Program

  • Soft Tissue Work
  • Joint Mobilizations
  • Stretches
  • Strength & Stability Exercises


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46 Coaching Videos to Guide You Every Step of the Way



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