Introducing the Elbow Tendonitis Toolkit Everything You Need to Know to End The Pain...GUARANTEED!

Is elbow tendonitis stopping you from living your life?

Do you know if it’s Tennis or Golfer’s Elbow and which exercise to do?

Do you know the 3 injuries most commonly confused for elbow tendonitis and what to do for them?

Do you know how to protect your elbow when playing sports?

Curious to know which injection greatly increases recovery and which does nothing at all? Hint…it’s not the one you heard about.

Are you frustrated as hell because even the simplest tasks cause pain and it seems like no one has a solution?

Well you can stop looking, I’ve got your back.

I have a method that has helped hundreds of thousands heal from elbow tendonitis

Between my Youtube videos, blog posts and best selling book on Amazon, I’ve coached hundreds of thousands of people over the past 3 years on how to finally get pain-free.

Everything is based on clinical research

All my advice is based on clinical research and proven to work.

I believe people get frustrated because they spend money, time and energy on poor advice given to them by professionals who don’t really know the subject.

Some give advice that’s no better than old-wives tales. And that’s just lazy, in my opinion.

Because over the past 15 years there’s been a mountain of clinical research done on elbow tendonitis and it is absolutely clear what you need to do for fast, lasting results.

I guess not everyone likes to read mountains of clinical research for fun...

…but I sure do! And that’s why my clients get great results.

Jamie – thank you so much for your video on dealing with elbow tendinitis. I have had an 18 month nagging problem in the right elbow, getting in the way of almost everything – work, homelife, playing with my 6 year old and of course golf. It took 3 doctors to diagnose it correctly and I did not have the time for physio. Your tips worked quickly and have kept it pain free and it is only getting stronger. This is good medicine! Keep ’em coming. – Rob Cahill

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The Elbow Tendonitis Toolkit includes:

  • Tests to determine if you have Tennis or Golfer’s Elbow.
  • How to choose the appropriate Flexbar resistance level.
  • How to exercise and play sports.
  • Protecting your arm at work.
  • Should you wear an arm brace or sleeve?
  • Self-massage techniques.
  • Safe stretching.
  • The 2 clinically proven best exercises and how to do them.
  • Cortisone or PRP Injections? One sucks and the other rocks!

If you’ve made it this far, then you probably need help with your elbow.

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“After enduring a painful tennis elbow for two months and not playing tennis, I watched Jamie Dreyer’s video and purchased the tools he recommended. After 30 days of following his exercise routine, I was able to play painless tennis. I highly recommend his treatment plan as the most effective way to cure tennis elbow.” – Clyde Ross


After spending over $1000 at the doctor and on physical therapy that only helped a little bit with the daily pain that I had for over 7 months, I decide what was another $25 for a TheraBand FlexBar (I already had a massage roller at home).  The FlexBar arrived on a Saturday and I immediately did what Jamie’s video said and, no kidding, by that NEXT Monday I was virtually pain free and I was able to go to the gym and do CrossFit with very little discomfort.  AND after ONLY 5 days of doing the massage and exercises described, I have been pain free for the last 2 days.  ONLY 5 days into this regimen and I AM WITHOUT THE CONSTANT DAILY PAIN that I have been dealing with for the last 7 months doing just routine chores around the house.  THANK YOU JAMIE!!!!  I was so worried my next step was either surgery or living with the pain for the rest of my life!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!! – Callahan Baker

Buy Now $7

Want to nerd out and learn more about the information I share in the toolkit? I give you all my source materials with hyper-links to the research journals.

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And as new research comes out, I’ll be adding to and updating the toolkit, keeping it the best, most up-to-date resource available on the subject.

In fact, I guarantee it!

If for some reason you don’t agree that The Elbow Tendonitis Toolkit is the best resource to help you deal with your elbow tendonitis once and for all, just tell me and I’ll give you a full refund.