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Middle Aged Athlete Strength Challenge

These training programs are based off of my 20 years experience working with hundreds of clients in person and thousands of followers online. Learn more…


In this #1 Amazon Best Seller you will be given:

Tennis Elbow Treatment

  • Quick and easy assessments to determine if your injury is Tennis Elbow or Golfer’s Elbow
  • A self treatment that is backed by clinical research on medial and lateral epicondylitis.
  • An easy-to-follow 4 step process to heal your elbow tendonitis.
  • Answers to questions about cortisone injections, using braces, icing and surgery.

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OverhaulTrainingSummer2016ProtocolHandbookHere’s what I put in the handbook:

  • Movement Patterns vs. Body Parts.
  • The 6 Qualities of Movement.
  • The 2 Laws of Safe Exercise Progression (AKA, How Not to F- Yourself Up With Free Weights).
  • Training, Working Out and Performing…How They’re Different and When to Use Each.
  • The Big 4 Injuries…What Causes Them and What To Do.
  • How To Structure A comprehensive Training Program.
  • A Bunch of Videos To Help Explain Everything!

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You’ll get access to four hidden pages on my site that are jam packed with content including 10 coaching videos where we cover:

  • Tests to determine if you have Tennis or Golfer’s Elbow.
  • How to choose the appropriate Flexbar resistance level.
  • How to exercise and play sports without making your elbow worse.
  • Protecting your arm at work.
  • Should you wear an arm brace or sleeve.
  • Self-massage techniques.
  • Safe stretching.
  • The 2 clinically proven best exercises and how to do them.
  • Cortisone or PRP Injections? One sucks and the other rocks!

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OverhaulTrainingSummer2016Deadlift (1)Your toolkit includes:

  • 3 self-assessments to help you identify flexibility issues
  • A fully customizable corrective strategy and training program
  • exercises to strengthen your hips and stabilize your spine
  • 46 coaching videos to walk you through every step of the way

Warning: This toolkit contains a lot of information. It’s probably most appropriate for other personal trainers or movement specialists…or people who totally nerd out on corrective exercise.

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Firm Foam Roller

Soft Foam Roller

Massage Roller Stick

Peanut Mob.

Plate Mates