Tennis Elbow Test Do you have lateral epicondylitis?

You’re pretty sure you have elbow tendonitis. But which one is it? Check out this tennis elbow test so you don’t start doing the wrong exercise.

tennis elbow test

Check out my post on tennis elbow exercises if you just confirmed that you indeed have tennis elbow.

If you discovered tennis elbow is not your issue, you can see the golfers elbow test here.

Check out my ultimate resource for tennis and golfer’s elbow, The Elbow Tendonitis Toolkit.


  • I have pain on the outside and inside of my elbow. Is it possible to have both tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow? If so, should I be doing the exercises for both injuries?

    Also, when I don’t do any exercises and just rest it, by elbow starts to feel better. When I do the physical therapy exercises, it seems to irritate or inflame it and the pain returns. Is that normal?

    Lastly, I haven’t strength trained in over 6 months. How do I know when I’m ready to return to lifting?

  • All great questions! Yes, it’s possible to have both and yes, do both exercises.

    Yes, the irritation is normal and a sign that you are stimulating the tissues to heal and get stronger.

    You can begin lifting right away. Just be careful with exercises that aggravate the injury before it’s completely healed but you should be able to find exercises you can do in the meantime. They just might be different from what you were doing before.


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