Ulnar Nerve Entrapment Exercises

Ulnar nerve entrapment exercises are best known as neural flossing or neural glides. Repetitive manual work and injuries can lead to scars and adhesions in surrounding soft tissue that restrict the ulnar nerve. The purpose of these glides is to free it up.

This video is a demonstration of just the exercises. If you’d like to learn more about the complete ulnar nerve entrapment treatment, check out this post.

ulnar nerve entrapment exercises

Want a FREE copy of the Neural Flossing of the Ulnar Nerve Exercise Guide? You can get it here.

The guide includes photos and directions for the following ulnar nerve entrapment exercises:

  1. Supinated 2 Finger Extension
  2. Mask with Elbow Reach
  3. Supinated Side Wall Press with Lateral Neck Bends
  4. Revolving Plate


Incidence of Ulnar Nerve Entrapment at the Elbow in Repetitive Work.


  • The inside top part of my thumb is numb and I have a bit of tennis elbow. I do a lot of gripper work. Could this be medial nerve entrapment? If so, how can that be managed?

    Thank you for the great videos.

    JD Hansen

  • Hi JD,

    It certainly could be medial nerve entrapment. The path is close to the ulnar nerve so you could do much of the same stuff I suggest in this post. Some of the glides will be a bit different but I’m sure you could find some good videos showing them on Youtube seeing as I won’t have a good chance to film them myself anytime soon.

    I’d back off the gripper for a bit until you start balancing out the muscles with finger extensor work. It would probably be good to find an A.R.T. practitioner or Rolfer for a few treatments too.


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