Unsubscribed Well, Not Really

It’s been awhile since I’ve put out anything new and some of you may have been wondering if I unsubscribed from my own list.

In fact, my last new post was in October last year, right before things got real crazy for me. If you received anything since then, they were older posts I re-shared.

Let me take a minute to share with you the 2 major things that have happened in my life since then and what I have in store for you and Overhaul Training.

Many of you know that Maribel (my partner in business and life) and I moved 2 ½ years ago from Long Island to Kingston NY. Kingston is about 2 hours north of NYC.  I had been training clients in NYC since 1997 and had a small group training facility in Long Island before moving as well.

My work plan for Kingston was to focus on my online business and train a few clients locally to stay sharp. I found 2 or 3 small gyms that allowed outside trainers to bring clients in but they had very limited hours and space.  On top of that, they lacked most of the equipment I use in my programs.

Maribel and I kept meeting other fitness professionals who complained about their lack of options to work for themselves especially since they weren’t ready to open their own facility.

So late last summer we decided to open The Trainer’s Den, a training facility for independent personal trainers to bring their clients. And it all happened really fast!

Within 2 weeks of having the idea, Maribel found a 6,200 sq ft building that had previously been a gym, complete with locker rooms, front desk, heat, A/C and all the utilities in place. It was also perfectly located.

We signed the lease October 1st, cleaned it up, started loading it with equipment and began training clients in November before all the work was even complete.

The Trainer's Den

This alone would have kept us pretty busy with the holidays approaching, but we also had our wedding on December 3rd (which was the 9 year anniversary of our first date) with mostly out of town guests and family to entertain for the entire weekend.

The whole weekend went off without a hitch and I truly don’t think we could have been any happier.

We have a family tradition of singing “Piano Man” together in a big circle and here’s a photo of Maribel getting carried away in the middle of it. Can you tell we had a blast?

Maribel & Jamie's Wedding

Once the wedding festivities wrapped up, we shifted to holiday festivities and got back to assembling lockers and more equipment at the gym. By early January, the space was pretty much done and it was time to begin building the internal operating systems and putting the marketing plan into place for The Trainer’s Den.

Giving so much attention to this new, unplanned brick and mortar business, it’s been difficult to keep up with e-mails from my online subscribers. Then there’s the steady stream of questions and comments on my Youtube videos I feel bad about not getting to respond to.

And on top of all that, I’ve had more and more people inquiring about training with me online and here in Kingston.

So how do I coach a growing number of people as my available time becomes less and less?

It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a couple of years now and was getting ready to share with you guys last fall before everything got crazy.

I’m in the process of dusting off my plans and polishing them up to show you. If you’re interested in hearing about what I have for you, stay tuned. I’ll be back in a few days…


  • What great news all around! You and Maribel make a charming, cute, and everything else “awww” couple – congratulations and may you have many happy hears together. (27+ years for my main squeeze and me.)

    TCB with your face-to-face clients and The Trainer’s Den. This is a great opp for you and your co-trainers. Income is what pays the bills! If you’re a bit scarce with the online community for now while you’re figuring out a balance, it’s okay – we’ve got your videos and site for reference. The fitness community is blessed to have you and your co-trainers in Kingston.

  • Congratulations, looking forward to your return. Your work is always helpful and insightful!

  • Hi Jamie, when you get a chance my scapula has been tight for moths and then I picked up a gallon of water on my left side and now it feels like I strained it. I got a massage and went to chiropractor and she said to lay off any over head movements and also no more weight trading anymore.

    I do shoulder shrugs and stretch my neck everyday?

    In my neck I do have some debated disc but not bad I am 54 years old.

    I really want some exercises to get rid of this problem. The scapula been tight for a long time.

    Thank you

  • Excellent! Great email and here’s wishing you and Maribel a life of love and success

  • The shoulder shrugs may not be helping, especially everyday. They very well may adding extra compression to the discs in your neck. The scapula is actually a bone with many muscles connected to it…the trick is figuring out which ones are too tight and which are too weak. As for overhead movements, there are a few good reasons to lay off them until other things are corrected and one good reason may be that your traps are too jacked from all the shrugs, causing a potential for shoulder impingement. The other reason would be due to a lack of thoracic extension which can also lead to shoulder impingement. I have an idea I’ve been toying with that could help you. Watch out for my e-mail next week.

  • Congrats Jamie, on your wedding and on the new business. It takes guts to take on a risk like that. I’m sure you will do very well!

    Looking forward to hearing from you in my inbox again when you are ready.

  • Good Luck Jamie and Maribel. Miss you at Opdahls, well, Not really! Just kidding. I’ve been in Florida and looking forward to your emails when I get back home. Have a good one.

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