Wrist Pain Exercises 3 Step Quick-Fix Process

Earlier this year I started having pain in my right wrist.  For that, I can thank a long daily drive and never changing my grip on the steering wheel.

I’d get a sharp pain in the joint and my hand would feel weak when I was lifting, carrying grocery bags and even doing a push-up.

wrist pain exercises

That’s when I developed my 3 step process and fixed that sucker up in no time.  Now that I’m feeling better, I figured I’d share what I learned with you.  Here it is:

Forearm Musculature

Actions of the wrist
Actions of the wrist

What I love about this 3 step process is that you can start working on yourself immediately and notice an improvement in the next 5 minutes.



  • Thanks for your videos. I’m still trying to figure out what’s going on with my hands and I’m using your videos for guidance. I worked in an office for years and I had carpal tunnel syndrome (alleviated ergonomically), but for the last year I’ve been doing manual labor and my hands are stiff in the morning – every morning. I also have joint pain. Being off from work doesn’t seem to help. The CTS and minor wrist pain is back to varying degrees too. The doctor tested for RA and said I’m clear, but that test isn’t definite. It’s further complicated by medicine-controlled high blood pressure and immune system problems. Some OTC stuff has alleviated the joint pain, but I’m still trying to figure out why the hands are stiff EVERY morning (and I usually have some tingling in my outermost fingers) no matter how I sleep or even if I am off from work. I know I need to strengthen my muscles. I’ve also improved my diet. I think my next step might be the acupuncture you mention. Thanks again for your insights.

  • I was getting tennis elbow type pain in my right forearm/elbow area, and it especially was aggravated by writing; since I’m an avid fan of all types of word and Sudoku puzzles, and do all of them almost every day in the local newspaper, this was obviously devastating. I started flexing more and being conscious of my tendencies with my arm. I used heat, cold and was careful to relax my arm at night in bed and not sleep on my side. I stumbled on one of your videos when I was searching for relief online, and instantly became a fan. I ordered a red Thera-Band, as well as a roller for trigger points and such. Before the items arrived from Amazon, I woke up one day and the pain was gone. It seems odd, although my chiropractor had treated that area on 10/1 when I was there for an adjustment and complained about the pain. At this point, it has not returned, thankfully, and I don’t know what to attribute the relief to, but I am so glad that I found your website and really enjoy your tips and videos…….thank you for helping an aging woman get some relief and become more informed and aware – it’s never too late! :-)

  • Hi Jamie, Let me just say, I love your videos and find them very helpful. I have pain in my thumb joint near the base at my wrist. I am an avid gardener and hairdresser, so I use my hands to the extreme. I have been doing a lot of research, and I think it is De Quevain’s tendonitis. I have trouble using a hammer, screwdriver and pushup type things. No weight can go onto this area. I am wondering if stretching and or exercises may be doing more damage as I believe it to be an overuse issue. I have heard that a spica splint may be helpful, I am trying one hand at a time now. Do you have any input? It would be greatly appreciated.

  • Thanks for you help and advice. I’m having a lot of trouble with my left forearm. I’m left handed and I’ve been a motorcycle police officer for 27 years. The left hand is my clutch hand and as a result I’m using it hundreds of times a day to pull in a very tough Harley – Davidson clutch. I’m curious what you might think about the Hand X Band (http://www.handxband.com/). I workout a lot also and do a lot of pull-ups, various types of rows and biceps curls, none of which helps out with my left forearm pain. Would some wrist curls and reverse wrist curls help or would they only make the problem worse? Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hi Gary,

    I think the Hand X Band would be great to add to your program on a daily basis as well as reverse wrist curls. The other curls and pull-ups will continue to activate the muscles that are already overly activated. If I were you I’d find a Rolfer or a very good and strong massage therapist to work on your forearms twice a month for as long as you are on that Harley. In summary, have someone beat up the tight tissues, stretch them, and strengthen the opposing muscles.

    Take care,

  • Hello Jamie, I do a lot of office work and now I have a ganglion on my left hand, please how can it go.

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